It’s Tune Up Time!!

A real trend has emerged in the workshop recently. Does this story relate to you? 

Today a customer was telling me how economical his Nissan was & how well it ran over the summer holidays. He thought it had been wonderful – cheap on gas, smooth & powerful too. Now I hadn’t seen his vehicle prior to Christmas so wondered just how well it really was performing. A quick flip of the bonnet to check the air filter revealed a nasty surprise – it looked like sparrows had nested in there over summer.  There was filth everywhere, we both coughed as I slapped the air strangler on the floor to knock some of the ingrained muck out. Just yuck. Even worse – due to just this one factor, my customer’s fuel economy was down around 20% less than what it should be.

KMR-FLAGWhen I checked the oil  & found something resembling treacle – thick, opaque greasy stuff instead of the light & bright, quality translucent motor oil that Keep Me Rolling customers enjoy – I had to tell him that he was getting up to a 35% reduction in fuel economy every single time he drives his car. He’s paying $100 each week for fuel instead of $65, all caused by slack maintenance.

With the Guaranteed Best Price on offer here at Keep Me Rolling Automotive, the fuel savings alone would pay for a full service in just 5 weeks. That’s not counting the smoother, quieter ride with far less wear & tear on the engine.  Vehicles like this mid-range Nissan should be serviced twice a year to maintain peak motoring condition – that’s 21 more weeks of lower fuel costs to enjoy, instead of donating money to BP, Mobil & Z Energy. I know which one I’d rather do!

It’s been a great summer for everyone (except farmers) with plenty of warm, sunny days creating good driving conditions for motorists. Did you get a few miles travelled over the holidays? Did you get your car serviced before Christmas? Or are you like our Nissan driver, spending up to 35% more on fuel than necessary?

At Keep Me Rolling Automotive, a full vehicle service & tune-up isn’t an expense, it’s an investment.  Spend a little today, save plenty starting tomorrow. Book now.

We’re getting busier & busier at Keep Me Rolling Automotive, as the word spreads & more & more Te Aroha motorists come for our Best Price Guarantee on all the automotive jobs that we handle – from a quick & simple oil change right through to a complete engine overhaul. In the last month we’ve had a tractor, several motorcycles & a house bus, plus the usual European, American & Asian sedans all getting high quality service & attention with our Best Price Guarantee!

Mention this code: ITTUT with your online booking & you’ll get a 15% discount on the job you’re booking!!